True Pain Relief

Treating pain just isn't physical, it is also emotional.
Consciousness alone can bring healing. Positive or negative thoughts effects the healing process.
You are the placebo! No matter the issue you can overcome.


Myofascial Release

Fascia is the largest system of the body and is the electron conductor within it.
Myofascial release helps to reduce or eliminate pain, improve posture, and increase range of motion.
MFR brings electron flow back to the living matrix within the body again.
When the fascia is released the body is at peace.


True Holistic Approach

The body should be looked at as one.
That one is your biofield, emotions, and your structure.
Never should a problem in the body be viewed in isolation.
Any practitioner that does is a practitioner that is a failure from the start.


Healing the body through touch and consciousness.  

Have chronic pain? True Healing Self Healing is a company that specializes in holistic healing approaches that deals with chronic pain. Myofascial release, pulsed electrical magnetic field, acupuncture dry needling, light, sound/frequency, nutrition, and far infrared heat are offer.

Are you injured?
Are you trying to recover from a surgery?
Are you dealing with a chronic disease that is crippling your life?

Then you have come to the right place!

This company believes that you deserve to have a treatment that gets results! Take advantage of the founder’s therapy that is called Functional Restoring Therapy. With this approach, you will make more progress than you ever thought possible!

Many practitioners try to stop symptoms, I, however, try to understand why they exist. My philosophy is that nature will not present itself unless it has an opportunity to do so.   


I do not believe that symptoms are bad, but I see it as the body trying to heal itself, and it is adapting to the condition that’s given to it. When this happens it only means that the body is trying improve upon itself. In other words, symptoms are necessary to bring homeostasis.

The truth is your body is either moving towards health or “disease”. When the body is in a chronic state this only means it needs assistance. In order to help the body to heal itself from a chronic state, you must understand structure this is because structure meets function. When the structure is imbalance then the body cannot function properly.

If there is any obstruction in a person terrain (structure/biofield) then you are setting up an opportunity for nature to present itself. When the obstruction is release then healing takes place. It’s that simple.

True Healing Self Healing is a company that stands for truth, integrity, and for the people. Educating people is the number one priority. Never wanting to be viewed as a service or product company, but a company that offers holistic healing knowledge. This allows you to make better decisions about your health. All services and products offer from this company serve the same purpose. That purpose is to allow the body to heal itself. This company believes that only the body can heal itself. No drug, supplement, or any treatment can achieve this. True Healing Self Healing is dedicated to providing truthful information and holistic healing treatments that will change your life and the lives of those around you.


The number of diseases and health issues is increasing, and so have the number of companies and individuals who try to take advantage of people who need help. Many claim to be an expert, and many claim to have a product that will provide a cure. Unfortunately, they have done nothing more but mislead people, and that is simply unacceptable!

True Healing Self Healing wants to change how you think about health by providing you true wisdom and knowledge and empower you to take charge of it. True Healing Self Healing plans to change and lead the holistic healing community!

Holistic healing is an ART… I am an ARTIST.

Why choose me? Quite simple, I understand the human body very well from a holistic point of view. I’ve learned how to help the body go in a direction that it wants to go in. That direction is to move, heal and to stay alive.

I will never treat your body as if it is the same as another human being. There are no protocols in my mind. We are all unique. I see the body as one and I never treat the body from an isolation point of view. Many tried to do so, but I ll tell you that anyone that treats the body from an isolation point of view is a practitioner that is a failure from the start.

When you work with me are you getting a practitioner that appreciates the body healing abilities. You are getting someone that treats the body with the most respect, and you are getting someone that truly understands how to let the body to heal itself. 

With me, you will move towards health. 


Sports Injuries
Carpal Tunnel
Post Surgery
Structural imbalance
Chronic Pain
Sciatica Pain
Head Trauma
Emotional Issues
Structural imbalance
Head Trauma
Lack of blood flow
Spinal Issues
Neck Pain
Back Pain
Knee Pain
Plantar Fasciitis
Muscles Spasms
Chronic Diseases
Restricted Motion
Athletic Performance


Inflammation is at the root of every condition. It is the beginning of the healing stage and must end with it until the body is satisfied with the end results. Never should it be viewed as the enemy but the hero. Many view it as the problem, but it is there because there is a problem. Think of inflammation as a maker telling us where the issue is. When there is chronic inflammation then the body is showing that it needs help. For whatever reason, the inflammation is trapped. Leaving the body limited to fully heal itself. It is in a what I called a “constant healing stage”. With my approach, I will help open any obstructions so the body can heal. Leaving it satisfied with the end result.

“Disease cannot exist where there are no obstructions.” Andrew Taylor Still

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