Christopher Hatchett is dedicated to help people understand the art of holistic healing. He focuses on emotional health, structure, nutrition, and increasing people life energy in their biofield. He graduated from Nevada School of Massage therapy in 2012. He currently studies at American College of Healthcare Science where he studies Apply Science of Alternative Medicine. He also studies holistic practitioners work from all over the world. Mainstream alternative medicine means nothing to him. He only care what works from a holistic point of view. He wants people to not get confuse about alternative treatments vs a true holistic approach. There is a difference.

Having to go through a long process from recovering from a giant cell tumor removal, Christopher today believes he knows the secret to pain and what we call diseases. His passion to help others is second to none. To him, true wisdom and knowledge is to break something down to where anyone can understand.

He sees man and nature as one. He believes everything has a purpose in nature, and that there is no such thing as good or bad in it, but nature presenting itself when only there is an opportunity. This goes for symptoms like inflammation, the flu, and bacterial infections. He believes that germs only thrive in a sick body, and in order to correct that problem, you must correct the terrain. He sees pain as a story that the body is trying to tell. To him even you are moving towards health or disease. His goal, of course, is to get your body to move towards health.

He build his company for the people. He wants to empower you to take control of your own health. He believes with knowledge anyone can heal themselves. He wishes to encourage all holistic practitioners to be better, and to make a stand for the people so medicine can be what it was supposed to be. A practitioner that understands the body. Sees the body as one, and knows how to let the body to heal itself.