I hope all is well, if not I hope you find the courage and strength to search for the knowledge to get well. Allopathic medicine has failed. That is not an opinion, but a fact. Our “golden standard” of health care system ranks third just behind heart disease, and cancer for the leading cause of death in America. More than 100,000 people die from negative effects of drugs, 7,000 deaths from unnecessary surgery, 20,000 deaths from other errors in hospitals, and 80,000 deaths from infections in hospitals each year, (I am sure the numbers are greater). The United States rank 37th in the world for health, but yet we spend more money on healthcare than any other nation, which is almost double from the next highest spender. It is quite a shame, and a disgrace to call our healthcare system the best. It is also laughable to call a medical doctor an expert in chronic diseases. This is because they are void of knowledge when it comes to healing the human body. With all their fancy words and scientific latest research, they have managed to have not one cure in the last 100 years of practicing their medicine, not one. So no it is not laughable that they can’t help others, but it is laughable that one would view them as an expert. Please understand that you can get better. Your love ones can get better. You just need the knowledge, and you need to take full responsibly of your health.

Our government and the pharmaceutical companies have gone to great length to making it seem like allopathic medicine is a success, and that you can’t do without it. They have stopped all other types of practitioners to be on the same playing field. They like to throw the term “scientific proof” to make their medicine seem superior. Let me ask you something. Have you or your loved ones gotten better from a chronic disease? Has your disease gone away? Are you heal? What does scientific proof mean if you get no results? They like to brag about “evidence base medicine” and that there are no other. Know that this is a scam, a fraud, and a complete lie. They use words like get temporary relief, reduce this, lower that. Where in these words does it says to strengthen the body? Where does this say bring healing or wellness? It doesn’t.

Even some current and past medical doctors have thrown in the towel because they know that their training can’t help others. Because of this, they end up having their license pull when using other treatments that not within the system. They are laughed at, viewed as criminals, and are called quacks. They can’t advertise freely about their success. Some are taken to court; some go to jail while others are forced to move out the country so they can continue to practice. This is going on this is the reality. The system can care less if other treatments work. In fact, the system won’t even acknowledge it. If it’s not their medicine then it’s not real.

Results are the name of the game, and the medical system doesn’t produce results. Instead, they have created a money making system. Not a healthcare system, but a sick care system. Again, they are a business that has created a system to make money, big money. If anyone challenges this system, then they must pay the price. You would think if one has success with cancer, and other diseases then our government would want to share this. You would believe that a practitioner can advertise his or her success freely and openly. The only way this will ever end is for you the people to make a stand and say we no longer want a sick care system. We aren’t going to accept these barbarian treatments, and we want to decide on whatever health practitioner we so please to. We want freedom of healthcare!

Many men have lost their life for this great country. They lost their life for freedom, our liberty. This country was founded and build for freedom of speech. Unfortunately, that freedom of speak has been taken from some practitioners, and that freedom of healthcare has been taken from you because no insurance will cover any other treatment, but the sick care system. Let me ask you something. If eliminating diseases is a crime without their medicine then what do you think they stand for? I can tell you that it’s not for you.


It seems that holistic practitioners have lost the art in holistic healing. With diseases on the rise and the mighty medical men looking clueless, know that the people are starving for truth. The people are searching for answers. The people are looking for results. Their lives depend on it. So sharpen your tools and continue to add more tools to your toolbox. Be an example in your community. Know that we are the experts when it comes to diseases. So don’t you ever take a back seat to some medical doctor. For they have failed the people.

It’s time to show that we are the true health practitioners when it comes to chronic diseases. So make that stand for the people so there can be a day where medicine can be what it was supposed to be. A practitioner that understands the body, appreciates the body healing abilities, see the body as one with nature, and knows how to let the body heal itself.