Please let me share my personal story about self healing:

 In 2008, I had a giant cell tumor removed from my upper tibia bone (right below the knee). The tumor just about ate all of the bone leaving me with less than an inch of bone in the area. The doctor said the tumor had to be removed immediately, and if the remaining bone was to break I would have to go through a serious knee replacement. I was then basically told to go on disability, and that I couldn’t work for my father’s cleaning business anymore. I remember asking the doctor if I would ever play basketball again after the surgery since that was my main activity, and with a laugh full of doubt he said, “I hope”. For some reason, I never felt this to be true. I remember laying in my basement refusing to accept what he had to said to me. I read online that painkillers stop blood flow, and that it delays the healing process of the body so I refused to take them after the surgery. Instead, I used a far infrared heating device that I purchase before the surgery to relieve the pain. At the time, I had no idea what else it did besides help with the pain, which was great.

 I was told to go to physical therapy, which I did. I went on a Friday at the end of the 2nd week of the surgery, still being on crutches. That weekend I told myself I was going back without them. That weekend in my basement I started to walk on my own. I continued for those 2 days. On that Monday, I went to the physical therapist without the crutches. My physical therapist was amazed asking me what I was doing. Letting me know that I had no business walking. I went to the doctor that week as well, and all he had to say about me not being on crutches was “that’s good Chris”. After that, he had bad news for me like always. “Now Chris you can’t be roughing this leg up,” he said and telling his assistants that my leg was on the shaky side. He also told them that he wasn’t sure how my leg was going to come out. He then said to me, “Chris I don’t know how long your leg is going to hold up”. That was the last negative comment I was going to hear from him. He told me to see him a few times a year for the next few years. I never went back. I went to the physical therapist about ten times afterward. I never felt she was any help or did I make any progress. After 3 months continuing to use the far infrared heating device I was back on the basketball court. Without a doubt in my mind, it was because of the device and me not accepting what the doctor told me. Even though I was playing it was with great pain. This was the beginning of my journey.

 From the time of the surgery until 2012 I was looking for ways to improve on my leg. I did what I knew and what I saw on TV. Lift weights after a surgery. For me, this didn’t get me anywhere. The pain was too much, and because of the atrophy in my leg muscle, I just couldn’t get any stronger. I walked with a limp sometimes as well. I didn’t want to give up, but in the back of my mind at times, I asked myself if this was it. At the end of 2011, I decided to go to massage therapy school. I went to Nevada School of Massage Therapy. Why at the time I didn’t know. It was just something for me to do. I needed a skill, a new career. I remember my leg would shake as I bent my knee trying to have good body mechanics, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I was excited to learn about the body and all the massage techniques. Unfortunately, massage school didn’t offer me the skills and knowledge that I needed for my leg. After I graduated I worked on the Las Vegas strip for a while doing pool massages, but soon afterward I hated it. The people didn’t value me as a health practitioner or did they saw me as one, and why would they I was doing pool massages. So I decided to move back home to IL. I had to rethink what I wanted to do and achieve as a health practitioner.

 Even though moving back home was depressing it gave me an opportunity to sit back, and think about all I learned from school, and the little nutritional information I was learning outside of school on my own. I still had pain issues in my leg, and I wasn’t confident as a massage therapist when it came to helping those with pain (which I wanted to specialize in). I had artificial bone (glue) and a 7-inch steel plate in my leg. How do I approach this? I began to read about anything on holistic healing. I bought book after book, and DVD after DVD. I listened to interviews about health almost every day for a year and a half. I studied many health practitioners work from now and back from the 1800’s. For I didn’t care about mainstream approaches or philology, I only cared about getting results for myself and my future practice.

I came across something called magnesium oil and started to use it. Hell, why not give it a try after listening to Dr. Sircus I told myself. To my surprised I got some relief. I then changed how I was eating, and I was taking nutritional supplements. My leg was improving, but I had a long way to go. I then came across organic sulfur, and started to rebound on a rebounder. I would bounce on the rebounder for only 10-15 seconds on my surgical leg, and I would have to stop due to the leg feeling like it would snap in half or collapse on me. As I continued my leg would get better and stronger. “Wow, I can bounce on my surgical leg for a minute” I would say to myself being proud. I also began to take 35% hydrogen peroxide to increase my body’s oxygen. I can feel my leg significantly improving, but not just that my body was changing too. I was getting healthier, my energy levels were up higher, and my workouts were more intense. Everything was improving.

 There came a point though where it wasn’t improving anymore. I was listening to a doctor that does oxygen therapy and he said something I never heard until that time. He said we can put more oxygen in the body, but the question is how the cells convert it will be key. He then said, your cells have two jobs. Convert oxygen and nutrients, and that will depend on the energy the cells has. It made total sense to me. It was like a revelation. Things begin to click of why my process stopped. The question was how the hell do I get more energy in the body?

I swear the more I learned the more things fell right into place. After listening to that doctor, I came across a device accidentally called a pulsed electromagnetic field device, which stands for (PEMF). I couldn’t believe it. This was it! I also started to learn about far infrared light therapy. These two approaches were going to increase the energy in my body. These were the missing pieces to my progress. I then purchased these very expensive devices after great research. After 9 days doing 2 treatments a day and doing manual therapy on myself, I said, “I am going to play basketball without a knee brace”. What do you know for the first time in almost 10 years I was able to play without it, and the sleeve I would wear around my calf. I continued to do my treatments and today I am 99% pain-free, even after activities.

 When I was in massage school I had a vision. That vision was to help people. I have decided to dedicate my life to help others, but just helping people hands on isn’t good enough for me. To bring the knowledge to people so they can help themselves and their loved ones on their own is more rewarding. To help change my profession and bring awareness on what diseases really are is the ultimate goal.

 I currently go to school for apply science of alternative medicine at American College of Healthcare Science. This will allow me to be certified to be a nutritional consultant and certified in iridology. However, I feel that studying other practitioner’s work that gets true results will out weight any education from a school. For I feel knowledge is only philosophy without experience.

 I have built this company for you. As I continue to learn, you will learn. This is a lifetime commitment. Unlike so-called “experts” I am not scare to be wrong. In fact, I do not see myself as an expert, but a lifetime student studying the art of holistic healing. I only care about one thing, and one thing only. That is to get results. I feel if you are not getting results then why the hell are you doing it, and let me tell you being on medication for a lifetime is not results.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I wanted to share this with you because I want you to know that it is possible to get better. It takes a person with courage, mental strength, and an open mind to learn to do so. It takes someone that wants to live and take responsibility for his/her own health. For some of you, it’s going to be a long road, but I promise you that you don’t have to live the way you are living today no matter what your medical doctor told you.

You are the placebo!