Frequently asked questions

When can I expect results?

I wish i could give you a definite answer but unfortunately, i can’t. I am a holistic practitioner. I work with the body. I cannot speed up the process and still be effective. Some of you will heal quickly while others will heal more slowly. What i can tell you is that together we are going to help you improve your mind, body and soul. You will be on your way to better health in every part of your life.

Which therapies are right for me?

We will discuss which therapies are right for you in person during your consultation and evaluation session.

What to wear?

Men can wear a tank top and shorts. Women you will need to wear a sports bra and shorts. However, this is only for me to evaluate your structure. When i am done analyzing your posture you can get dressed to your liking as long as it doesn’t affect the manual therapy.

What can I do to help the process?

The most important thing to do before seeing me is to drink a 16 oz. Glass of spring water right before you see me. I also ask that the only liquid you drink on the day of our sessions is water. I will teach you the importance of drinking water in person.

How many treatments will I need?

If you are only getting a regular massage you can get those whenever you want. However, if you are in pain I will need to see you at least twice a week. This is because the treatments require some repetition if we are going to successfully address your issues, and that’s what I will be focused on. Less than two sessions each week would not get results, and would not be a good investment on your part. I want to do everything i can to help you.

What’s your cancellation policy?

I understand that sometimes things can happen that make you unavailable for your appointment. In order to give you some flexibility, I have a three hour cancellation policy. Please understand that I am busy. Also, understand that I study each of my client’s situations before we meet each time so I can be prepared. If you cancel regularly then I do not feel we are a good match, and I will have to terminate our working relationship.

Reschedule policy?

If you cancel I will reschedule you for the first opening that meets both of our schedules.

Where are you located office?

Soon I plan to have an office that will fit my client’s needs, but right now I need to come to your home. I’ve found that this arrangement actually works very well. I bring everything I need, and it is very convenient for my clients. Who else makes house calls these days?

What hours do you work?

I am flexible to those that are committed to getting better. I understand some are more flexible in the morning while some are free in the late afternoon. We will workout a time.