Nikola Tesla was a brilliant inventor, engineer, physicist, and futurist. He said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration”. This is the philosophy of Functioning Restoring Therapies (FRT). Every human being has energy flowing through his or her body, and every part of the energy has a specific vibration (frequency) associated with it. Anything that negatively affects the flow and vibration of the body will result in an imbalance. The first goal of this therapy is to find the “stagnation” in the field and structure of the body. Stagnation is the accumulation of energy that does not flow freely throughout the body. This can be caused by emotional issues, constant tension in the tissue, or injuries (including surgery) which cause scars in the body. This is what I believe creates what we commonly refer to as diseases. I analyze and find this lack of free flowing energy by vision, touch, sound, and your health history. I believe in the philosophy of Andrew Still, The Father of Osteopathic Medicine, who said: “Disease cannot exist where there are no obstructions.” Once I find the obstacles in the “field,” I attempt to release it by sound vibration and manual therapy. Relieving the obstructions is critical to the healing process, and is the first step of this therapy because structure meets function.

Releasing the “potential energy” in the structure allows the body to begin to restore itself. Once the function is there, then other therapies can be added to the treatment plan to help the body heal itself. These treatments may include pulsed electrical magnetic field, light, vibrational frequencies, and raw material (nutrition). The FRT philosophy does not consider these things as intrinsically good or bad, but only as nature presenting itself when there is an imbalance, which can result in the appearance of symptoms to address. Instead of trying to “cure” the problem, FRT attempts to change the body’s environment to enable homeostasis within the body. Once there is function and restoring, then there is balance.