Setting a new standard in the massage industry. 

Magic on the brain / 3D render of glowing atomic brainBy trade, I am a licensed massage therapist, but I am so much more than that. I not only understand structure I also understand how important the emotions are. Emotions is key to those with chronic diseases. I understand nutrition and know what foods triggers inflammation. I understand the relationship between man and nature. Because I know the knowledge of these important factors I will give your body the best opportunity to move towards health.

In order to deal with pain, you must understand how the body works. Your body wants to be healthy and pain-free. You need to know what it needs in order to accomplish its goal. Chronic pain is not the enemy, it is the result of the body unable to finish the healing process. In order to help the body finish the healing progress, I must analyze your situation to determine what your body is trying to tell me from a holistic point of view, not in isolation. Any therapy that treats the body from an isolation point of view is a therapy that is a failure from the start.

I have 2 goals when working with my selected clients. They are trust and results. I take your problems/pain seriously, and I do not sleep until I figure out the problem. I take great pride in my work and I am always learning to improve upon it. Before each session of seeing my clients, I am doing my homework. I review and research what conditions you have so there can be a game plan every time.

The benefits of working with me are many, but the most important one of them all is that I put the responsibly back in your hands. Why? Because you hold to key to your body’s health. I will educate you on how to take charge of your life again.

Experience the Difference.

Colorful Mind series. Abstract arrangement of human head and fractal colors suitable as background for projects on mind, dreams, thinking, consciousness and imaginationFirst, let me say, my passion to help and educate others is second to none. I search and search for what works without being limited by traditional mainstream solutions that are not as effective.

My services are not like what you may have experienced at a spa or a typical doctor’s office. We will not just chat for five minutes about your problems and hurry on to a half-hearted solution based on preconceived notions about how to help you. That simply is not enough time to understand your situation, and you deserve much better care and attention than that. You are unique, and some standard “protocol” may not work for you. You are not just another person on the table. You are special, and your voice matters! You are not just another paycheck to me. When someone asks me to help them with their health, I consider it to be one of the highest honors a man can have. It is my honor, my pleasure and my pledge to educate and help you reach your goals.

Expect the first session to take 30-45 minutes longer than a first session with a traditional therapist. I must understand you and your situation. Only then can I determine how to approach your treatment plan, and develop an appropriate plan and schedule for your therapy. Then I take the time to determine if there are any emotional issues from your past or current life that may be affecting you. Emotions can and will make or break a recovery for those with chronic health issues. You are the expert when it comes to how you feel, and I take the time to communicate with you to listen and understand your issues. This process is important and crucial to accomplishing the goals we will set.

After we have reviewed your medical history, and I answer all of your questions about my approaches, my first step is to analyze your posture. This is a simple fundamental that is often overlooked, but it is so important because structure meets function. After the posture evaluation I go beyond your physical and conduct a quick tuning fork session. This can identify issues in your biofield (or your aura). This will allow me to identify and address stagnation or low energy areas in your field.

When that evaluation is complete, I will develop a comprehensive treatment plan based on all the information I’ve gathered during the diagnostic session. The first session may take longer than a traditional session, but it is necessary for me to help you make progress. This is what makes me different. This is what makes me an artist!