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Majestic nature background of mountain river stream and small blue water lake in wild tropical forest

As I mention in the “True Healing Is” section, the terrain is your unique “soil”. That soil can thrive, or that soil may not produce. The word terrain originated with the French chemist Claude Bernard. He viewed the terrain as our whole being. Your terrain is different every day. It is never the same. For better or for worse, your terrain is changing. Dr. Harvey Bigelsen, renowned medical researcher, used an example of the terrain in the most simplistic way. In his book, “Doctors Are More Harmful Than Germs”, he portrays the terrain as a streaming river or a stagnant pond. This is a beautiful example showing that even your body has fluids and energy running freely inside. Without this flow, you would have a stagnant pond. If stagnation is present, then toxins will begin to build up, and the body will need to deal with it. We name different symptoms as diseases, but diseases are only an result of the body trying to adapt. This is where my approach is dramatically different from traditional modern medicine.

To move beyond the view of everything being good or bad, you must understand that in nature there is no such thing. Nature only presents itself when it has an opportunity, or it’s in need. Everything has a purpose. For example, the body deals with toxins and injuries with inflammation. Germs only affect a sick or imbalanced body. Modern medicine still views germs as being “bad” or “good”. What it doesn’t account for is that germs are only a product of the terrain. If someone has a parasite in them and it’s affecting their health, the traditional medical approach would be to try to kill it. Rather than attempting to kill it, the terrain should be modified so the parasite will no longer be necessary, or it will find it unfit to live there. Remember, nature will only present itself when it sees an opportunity.

The founder of osteopathy, Andrew T. Still said, “Disease cannot exist where there are no obstructions.” Where there is an obstruction in the body then there is a lack of energy, oxygen, and fluid flow. Eventually, there will be symptoms beginning with inflammation in the affected area. When part of the body doesn’t get the necessary life’s energy flow, then that part of the body will begin to deteriorate over time. The specific organ or system affected will determine what symptoms you may experience.

There are two main reasons why there are obstructions in the body. One is surgery a and the resulting scar tissue. You can view scar tissue as a road block in the terrain because it is tissue that has no electron flow. Go back to the analogy of the streaming river. Think of a tree falling in it. The tree is the scar and your body is the river. Every bit of water or debris in that river that tries to pass through the tree will be obstructed or trapped. This creates pollution, which affects the river and the environment around it. Compared to a river, our bodies are more like an aquarium because our bodies are closed in. Waste will build up much more quickly. When this happens, the body uses inflammation to try to get rid of the waste. If the waste is not eliminated then people may experience chronic diseases like arthritis.

The second way of creating obstructions in the body is emotional stress, or negative emotions that you hold on to. If you were to imitate emotions such as anger, depression, or fear and looked in the mirror, you will see how the structure of the body changes. Your muscles become tense and the structure itself becomes different. Now imagine constant tension on the muscles 24 hours due to your emotions. FSome people may be in this condition for years. It would be like squeezing and twisting a water hose 24

hours a day, leaving little to no water running through it. Then imagine your thoughts changing the vibration (frequency) of your cells. Masaru Emoto, author, researcher and entrepreneur, proved through his work that thoughts alone affect cells vibrations. The cell holds this vibrational pattern until it is dealt with or changed. When this happens, it leaves an imbalance in the body because every part of the body requires a certain vibration. When the vibration or frequency is off in the cells then there is a lack of energy. Put these two together and we have what we call chronic diseases. Sooner or later they can develop into serious conditions such as multiple sclerosis or fibromyalgia.


These are some images from Masaru Emoto experiments. What he showed us is the emotions and thoughts alone affects water molecules. What does this have to do with a human being? The 4th phase of water is in a liquid crystal. Our cells and the fascia of the body which is the largest system is in a liquid crystal or the 4th phase of water. They say words can’t hurt but from the images, you can see how words can affect water molecules.


In these images, you can see how water molecules are affected by pollution. Now think of all the chemicals our body is exposed to. What’s amazing is with prayer the water molecule change its form. Remember thoughts alone changes the water molecule.

Illustration of human energy body (aura) with chakras - woman and man

Our terrain is constantly changing because of the pollution in the air, our emotions, how the body’s structure is treated, what we eat, drink, and think. Each person’s terrain has its own electrical magnetic field, or some would call it the bio-energy field. It is also known as your “aura”. Professor Valerie Hunt–research scientist, author, and lecturer–showed us through one of her studies that our aura changes immediately when we eat processed foods. Then she showed that when we eat foods that are from the soil, such as raw nuts and local vegetables, our aura becomes vibrant again. The most interesting thing that I learned from her studies is that disease starts outside what we called the physical body. When our field no longer has the frequency that nature intended, stagnation or diseases will eventually occur in the physical body. This should have you wonder. Are diseases caused from things like mercury poisoning, or eating potentially harmful foods such as GMO’s? Or does disease actually result from stagnation in our own biofield affecting our flow of energy, allowing poisons and waste material to just build up over time in the physical body?