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illustration of human energy against a black background

In order to understand my approach to education and therapy, you must first understand true healing. This information will help you understand yourself, and it will forever change the way you think. It will change the way you approach the human body – your body. If you don’t understand what you are about to read, I encourage you to read it again, and read it again until you do. I promise it will be worth the effort.

The human body is truly a masterpiece, a magnificent piece of creation. There are 100 trillion cells in a human body. These cells are constantly renewing themselves. Each year you are a new body—for better or worse. We are made up of organic matter which means we are organic beings. We must consume foods that are from the soil to keep these organic bodies healthy. Each cell in the body has an electromagnetic field pulsing and vibrating at a certain frequency. Every movement and every activity creates an electrical spark within the body. Without it, you would not be you. You would be nothing more than a cadaver.

Your body is a living organism, and your consciousness is only using this organic body. This living thing has feelings (your feelings), needs, and desires. However, when it comes to healing your body has no consciousness. It has only one goal: to adapt, and to stay alive. In doing so, it may create unwanted symptoms. Symptoms that you may not want to deal with. These symptoms are your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong, and it is adapting to its environment. You may think that your body is flawed or weak, but there are no accidents in nature, and our bodies are a part of nature.

When one thinks about health, that person must reflect on the cell’s health. After all, there are trillions of them that make us up. You cannot think about the cell’s health without thinking about the environment of the cell. They go hand and hand, and they reside in something we call the “terrain.” The terrain is everything about you, including your emotions. It is the environment of your body inside and out. You can think of it as your own unique soil. A healthy terrain is a healthy body. This means that you have free flowing fluids and energy running within it, full of organic material, oxygen, and water. Motion is life. Where there is no motion, there is no life!

Our bodies are capable of healing. Our bodies are designed to stay alive at all cost. Our bodies want to live. When you receive an undesirable symptom from your body, ask yourself what you are doing to the terrain. That will tell you what you need to know. The symptom? Well, the symptom is just the marker telling you that your body is responding to its conditions. There is no prescribed medication that will correct the terrain. In fact, it will weaken the terrain. There is no such thing as taking this supplement or that supplement to fix the terrain unless you make the changes to counteract the conditions that created the negative terrain in the first place. There is a saying; you cannot rinse off while you are still in the shower. Similarly, you cannot address symptoms produced by the terrain while your terrain is out of balance.

I want you to know the truth. I want you to know what true healing is. Symptoms are not the result of diseases; they are the result of self healing. Everything has a reason and a purpose in nature, and humans and nature are one. We are no different from the water, the soil, and the environment itself.

When the body is in a chronic state, it just means that the body needs assistance. A treatment protocol should help the body move in the direction it was already trying to move to achieve health, not stop it. This is true medicine. This is true healing. Every human being produces symptoms; it is natural for it to do so, for it is trying to defend, adapt, respond, and improve upon itself.

True Healing is Self Healing!