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The illustration of the anatomical man sitting in a hospital corridor. All another patients and even the doctor are very wondered.

The approach of allopathic medicine consists of the mainstream medical use of pharmacologically active agents or physical interventions to treat or suppress symptoms. One disease has one cure. If you stop the symptom you are cured. This approach has resulted in everyone trying to relieve their symptoms, but never focusing on the actual problem. Unfortunately, the traditional practitioners do not seem to understand that they can never remove the symptom. It will always exist when the body doesn’t like its condition. The reason western medicine is a failure is because there is only this one approach. This is a problem because symptoms are the result of the body trying to tell a story.

 The philosophy of western medicine is that everything is an accident within the body, or there is something from the outside ready to attack and destroy the body. They do not understand the relationship between humans and nature. They try to take the human out of nature as if we are separate from it. To them, we are a machine and if you want to understand the machine you have to take every part out and understand how it works. They separate the parts as if they aren’t part of one body.

Western medicine is based on numbers. They determine if you are healthy or not. It doesn’t matter how you feel. They do not consider the uniqueness of each person. The emotions of the patient are not considered. They don’t emphasize changing your lifestyle with proper nutrition, trying to avoid chemicals, and knowing what type of water to drink. The all-important structure is not analyzed. They may give advice on nutrition, but they have limited knowledge of it. The advice they do offer is often wrong. If they cannot diagnose you then there is nothing wrong with you, or they will send you to specialist after specialist. If they cannot pinpoint what they think is wrong then there’s something wrong with your mental state.

Surgery is a booming business today. Many traditional medical professionals turn quickly to surgery as a quick fix. They apparently don’t appreciate the body and its amazing healing ability. Almost all surgeries can be avoided unless you are in a serious accident. For example, if you break your leg or are injured in a bad car accident. If the body needs to be physically repaired or put back together it will require surgery.

In all other circumstances, , never approve surgery just to see what’s wrong. This will cause another issue on top what’s already wrong. Even though they will tell you that surgery is no problem under their supervision, they are wrong. It makes no difference if you get cut open by a knife with evil intentions or by the scalpel of a surgeon. The body knows it’s been cut open, and it views it as an insult. Performing surgery dramatically disrupts the structure and the energy flow of the body, which does damage. Your body will never be the same after surgery.

I firmly believe that western medicine is necessary. In crisis situations, the medical field is your best bet. However, that is where their usefulness ends. They do not adequately address chronic diseases. They have a specialist for every organ and every system. The issue with this philosophy is that it treats part of the body separately, when in reality the body is one system. They simply don’t see the body as a self-healing creation and that everything is connected together. Instead, they see you as a machine that needs to be tweaked like a car.


 There are plenty of individuals in the alternative community who want to help because they believe there is a better way than western medicine. Unfortunately, people in the alternative community think the same way as a medical professional. They have a saying in the alternative community: “there’s a herb for that”. With that mindset, they are always looking for that “alternative” substance to drugs from the pharmaceutical companies. They assume that because it’s natural it must be better and safer. Yet, they still miss the big picture. They still view symptoms as the problem. They try to stop inflammation with oils, herbs, and foods. They attempt to kill germs with essential oils and colloidal silver. They try to use an all-natural cream to help with the pain. Or there is always some new “superfood” out there that can kill cancer cells better or safer than chemotherapy. When you analyze this, you can’t help but ask, “What is the difference between alternative vs. conventional medicine?” As far as how they treat symptoms, there is no difference.

Today we have been so brainwashed by the pharmaceutical companies and the medical establishment that even those who try to step away from pharmaceutical drugs still treat the body in the same way. This is not holistic healing. This is not being a true healer.


A true healer understands how to get the body to heal itself. They do not heal the body. A true healer knows that structure meets function. Never do they do any harm. They are always focused on teaching so there can be strengthening. They work with the body, and they listen and understand the body. They appreciate the body’s healing abilities.

 A true healer in no way ignores emotions. Emotions are the key to health. Either you want to live and get well, or you want to be a victim of your surroundings and your conditions. You have a choice. If you choose to be a victim, a healer can’t help you. The responsibility is yours.

 A true healer understands the relationship between humans and nature. That relationship is one, and it is whole. This is why it is called holistic healing.