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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CPS) is a common Las Vegas medical condition that has resulted from the compression of the medial nerve, which runs through the wrist at the carpal tunnel. It can be the result of several factors, with repetitive work involving the wrist (office work, PC use) gaining the most widespread attention. However, other risk factors are present and can include pregnancy, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, jobs that require the use of a vibrating tool or maintaining a strong grip, injury, menopause, and breast cancer. Interestingly enough, genetic predisposition has been labeled a greater factor than repetitive work stress. As such, avoidance of carpal tunnel syndrome may not always be achieved by the simple avoidance of repetitive activities!

Symptoms and Diagnosis

The diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome will usually be determined if certain symptoms are experienced. These symptoms include; numbness, pain and tingling in the index/middle/ring fingers and thumb. One of the more decisive symptoms includes a wasting away of the muscles at the base of the thumb.

At that point, the diagnosis can be confirmed with electrodiagnostic tests. It should be noted that other types of tests for carpel tunnel syndrome may not be conclusive and the electrodiagnostic tests will be needed. The pain that is associated with this condition will usually begin gradually, make its way up the patient’s arm and increase intensity throughout the night.


There are some things that are recommended, when it comes to preventing CTS. These are:

  • Preventing workplace problems – These can stem from having work stations and equipment set at the wrong height/reach. Fixing these issues can possibly avoid CTS.
  • Take proper breaks – Taking the full amount of breaks, offered by your company, can go a long way in relieving undue stress on the muscles associated with CTS.
  • Perform different types of tasks – In order to avoid repetitious actions, set yourself up to perform different types of jobs throughout the day. These various jobs should require different types of hand and wrist motions that will help you avoid repetitious activities.
  • Perform certain exercises – There are various exercises that will, in many cases, assist in avoiding CT. These can be found on the Internet.
  • Stay away from cold temperatures – Cold temperatures will keep the muscles from relaxing and expanding properly. Making sure that you keep your hands and wrists warm will allow the needed flexibility in order to avoid muscle damage, which can lead to CTS.

Treatment Options

When looking up the various Las Vegas carpal syndrome treatment options, you’ll find that they include; locally injected or orally administered steroids, splinting, wrist braces and, in some cases, carpal ligament surgery. For those who may be suffering CPS as a result of repetitive motions made while working at a computer keyboard, there are specialized keyboards that are designed to provide a more ergonomic position for the hands and wrists. While there is no conclusive scientific proof that these keyboards work, there have been reports of those who have reported benefits from their use.

Besides the treatment options that were just mentioned, there are also a number of alternative Las Vegas carpal tunnel syndrome therapies available. These include:

While no definitive cause of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be determined, there are a number of preventative and treatment options than can aid in fighting this debilitating illness. Contact your doctor and local Las Vegas alternative medical practitioner for more details.

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