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Emotions, the link to all diseases. Emotions, the missing piece of the puzzle to all approaches. I hope to show you that. From my “The Terrain” article, you learned about emotions. I showed that negative thoughts alone effect water crystals. This water crystal is similar to our cells. In fact, they are the same. They are a both in a liquid crystal which is called the 4h phase of water. Emotions, physical structure, and the terrain are all the same. It is the emotions or the mind that controls it all, though.

Emotions is the reason for disease. Plan and simple. Unless you have went through an extreme injury (this includes surgery) that created so much scar tissue that it affected the flow/motion in the body then you problems all originated from an emotional problem. This includes your common chronic disease like arthritis or you made get tumors to cancer.

Negative thoughts change cellular vibration. This is key! When a thought is present the cells hold on to it. For those that goes through a tough situation in their life and holds on to it then a pattern will be created in your field. It is not by accident for a person to go through a divorce and begin to develop a what we call a disease. After that divorce is finished and that person moves on emotionally than their health come back to normal. If they never let that emotion go then that disease will remain.

Emotions changes structure and if that is the case then that means function will be change as well. The terrain must have motion in order to live as a whole. Since emotion is energy when you hold on to your emotional issues the energy stays still. If one area of the body has a lack of flow then we experience what we call disease due to stagnation. When we are emotional stress we create a pattern not only on a cellular level but also in the structure. For example, we become stiff and tight when we get angry. Live like that for years and you are greatly damaging structure and limiting function. Every person is different and there is no set area of the body that will be selected.

People blame toxins for diseases in the alternative community. Sadly, this not the case. When someone goes sees a specialist which they can be very good at what they do, many still can’t get the results they were looking for. They change everything from diet, what they drink, what they put on their body, what they clean with at their home and etc. but still their issues hasn’t gone away. This is due to the fact that if the emotions is not dealt with then you will have an area of the body that still has the stagnation to it affecting the life energy flow. Until the person walks away from whatever is going on in their life they will always be “managing” the problem.

We blame cigarettes for lung cancer. This is not true. The toxins from the cigarettes yes are harmful, but there is a reason why some people never get lung or some other form of cancer when they smoke. A smoker uses cigarette to deal with emotions. Especially men. They are macho man and they don’t express emotions they say. The reality is though we all express feelings. Even if that is love, fear or hate you express feelings. As they go through an emotional issue that day what do they say? They need to smoke. This becomes potential energy build up due to them never actually dealing with the problem. Stagnation begin to develop in the terrain and the chemicals from the cigarettes becomes trap instead of eliminated. This is the real cause of disease.

Dr. John Diamond showed us through kinesiology (muscle testing) that words can drain your life energy. He would ask a person to say “I want to live” out loud and then apply kinseiology to see if that how the body feels. Note, I said if the body wants to live. If the body doesn’t pass the muscle test then he would play specific music that plays specific frequencies for a few minutes and applied the same thing again. Those that failed would pass the test because on a cellular level the body got the vibrational frequency that it was meant to have. This is only temporary of course and the body will go right back to where it was if the issue isn’t resolved. What he showed us though is that everything is energy and vibration through is work.

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer was able to show us through brain scans that emotions cause diseases. He would wait for the disease to develop and then he would see a ring in the brain. Then analysis the part that had a disease and that area also had a ring. After extensive research of thousands of patients, Dr. Hamer concluded that disease becomes present after an emotional “shock”.

When dealing with your emotions you must have balance. You must express and move on. If you need to cry then you cry. If you need to express and let out your anger then you find a gentle way to do so if possible. The worst thing for you to do is to keep your emotions inside you.

“To give your positive or negative attention to something is a way of giving energy. The most damaging form of behavior is withholding your attention.” Masaru Emoto