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What is Far Infrared Heat Therapy (FIR)?

Far Infrared Heat Therapy (FIR) is a medical procedure involving the utilization of Far Infrared rays to ease, heal and detoxify the body. In actuality, Far Infrared rays come from the portion of the light spectrum that is perceived by us as heat. This is the part of the light spectrum which is on the opposite end of the spectrum, in relation to ultraviolet (UV) light. These rays are invisible and are capable of penetrating every layer of the human body, which allows it to reach every region that is located throughout our bone and muscle tissue. This process is known as “conversion” and will heat various areas of the human body, without heating the air that is found between the source (sun, equipment) and the destination (body).

The use of these energy rays dates back to ancient times and could be found in archaic Chinese medical procedures known as “palm healing”, in which the heat rays were passed to the patient through the hands (palms) of the practitioner. This is pretty much the same method employed by modern day Reiki healers, which also uses heat-related energy. Additionally, this form of energy has been measured by Taiwanese researchers, when emitted from Chi Gong masters and is also used by yogis in India, for healing purposes.

These days, the treatments can also be administered by a variety of equipment designed for this purpose. One of the primary benefits of using this type of heat is the avoidance of discomforting effects that can result from surface heat pads and topical chemical applications.

What can Far Infrared Heat Therapy be used for?

Far Infrared Heat Therapy is used in the treatment of a number of medically-related issues that include:

  • Congestion and breathing problems – by way of capillary expansion
  • Detoxification – related to the accumulation of fats, toxins, carcinogenic heavy metals, excess sodium, cosmetics, uric acid, lactic acid and free fatty acids
  • The stimulation of enzyme activity through the emission of photons – increasing diseased and damaged tissue elimination
  • Nitric oxide creation that aids in the prevention of strokes and heart disease
  • Lymphatic cleansing and increased detoxification due to increasing the metabolism
  • Increased injured tissue rebuilding by promoting cell growth, protein and DNA synthesis
  • Muscle relaxation that aids in the reduction of stress
  • Increased white blood cell production in order to aid the immune system
  • Aid in the destruction of cancer cells

Who can benefit from Far Infrared Heat Therapy?

When considering the benefits addressed by research, in particular German and Japanese studies, it would indicate that people from all types of backgrounds could benefit from Far Infrared Heat Therapy. It’s been shown that physical issues, such as limitations, disabilities, athleticism and skin types/colors have no bearing, when it comes to the possibility of experiencing health benefits. In addition, it’s been demonstrated that a healthier standard of life can be achieved by the administration of just 15 to 30 minutes of FIR Therapy per day!

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