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Twisted angle - running sport injury. Male athlete runner touching foot in pain due to sprained ankle.


How are foot and ankle injuries categorized?

We all know that the feet and ankles must work together, in order to facilitate both mobility and overall support to the body. While fractures involve damage to the bones, a sprain relates directly to the soft tissues of the ankle or foot. These equate to tears, stretches and strains to ligaments, which connect the various bones of the feet.

How do these injuries occur?

Foot and ankle injuries are very common in sports. That’s because most active sports pursuits involve the use of the legs, ankles and feet in one form or another. Even if the sport involves being a race car driver, and abrupt cessation of the vehicle’s movement, say in a crash, can place enough immediate stress on the driver’s lower body to cause feet and ankle injuries. More obvious sources of these types of injuries can come from; basketball, baseball, gymnastics and other high impact sports. Professional dancers are also prone to these types of injuries. But you don’t need to be participating in a sport, in order to incur these types of injuries. Just stumbling on an uneven ground surface can result in a foot/ankle sprain or fracture.


In severe cases, a person who has encountered this sort of injury will “notice” (to say the least) that they are no longer able to put any weight on the injured appendage. This situation can actually build up over the subsequent minutes after the injury event, itself. However, in less severe cases, the symptoms may be more subtle.

You can tell if there may be a problem, regarding a potential sprain or fracture, if the following symptoms arise:

  • Bruising
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Walking difficulties

Should any of these last for more than a day without improvement, then you should go see a doctor (preferably a podiatrist) or consult a Las Vegas Sports Injury Medical Professional as soon as possible for a complete diagnosis. You may need to begin immediate treatment, in order to facilitate faster healing.

Other holistic healing strategies

In addition to the home treatments listed above, it’s also recommended that you contact a Las Vegas natural treatment professional, as well as your traditional medical practitioner. In many cases, foot and ankle injuries are treated in traditional medical practices by applying support and prescribing pain medication. While this will certainly help the situation, it really isn’t a proactive way of offering therapy. If you want to accelerate the healing process, then you’ll want a natural/holistic medical specialist to provide additional care, such as the use of proper foot manipulation and other physical therapies, in order to manage swelling and increase mobility.

There are also strategies that may include; acupressure points, essential oils and products that will allow the body to absorb additional healing nutrients. These products not only promote healing, but they can also be effective, when it comes to treating pain.

Injury Prevention

Of course, the best way to address these forms of injuries is to prevent them in the first place! Here are some suggestions for foot and ankle injury prevention:
  • Warming up, prior to engaging in any sports-related activity, is essential. However, don’t use “jarring” motions, such as bouncing (unless you happen to be a fighter). Taking just a few minutes to lightly stretch can go a long way when it comes to injury prevention.
  • Choosing the proper footwear is also essential. This is especially true for those who have weak ankles or low arches (flat feet). The shoe’s heel needs to be stable and the overall shoe needs to be constructed with high quality material. Choose the type of shoes that are designed for the sport that you’re engaging in and refrain from buying inexpensive, poorly made shoes!
  • Avoid running on surfaces that are rocky or uneven and take special care when running on gravel or up a hill. Any surface that can cause you to lose your balance should be approached with caution.
  • Pay attention to your own body when it is trying to tell you that something is wrong. This will keep a minor problem from escalating into a major injury. If you feel any pain in your feet or ankles, just stop for a bit and assess your condition.

For additional options that can be right for you, seek assistance from your doctor and a qualified Las Vegas alternative medical practitioner. You may discover a lot of useful information that can help you to treat, and possibly avoid foot and ankle injuries.

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