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Severe heartache, man suffering from chest pain, having heart attack or painful cramps, pressing on chest with painful expression.


Heart disease is the number one killer in America. I’d like to share my perspective on heart disease and how to deal with it.

We are often told that high cholesterol causes heart disease. This is another classic example of allopathic medicine blaming the symptom. Before we can go any farther, you need to know that cholesterol is essential to your health. It is produced by your liver. Your cell membranes depend on it. Your brain is made up of cholesterol and fat. Without cholesterol, your hormones will not work. Cholesterol is also an antioxidant, and a repair substance. It helps the body when the integrity of the tissues becomes weak. Don’t interfere with your body’s natural cholesterol levels by artificially trying to reduce your cholesterol. Whatever your cholesterol number is on any given day, that’s the amount of cholesterol your body needs.

The medical system has a solution for all what it calls “bad cholesterol”, They say their approach is evidence based medicine. I believe that evidence based medicine is not based on of the well-being of the patient. Rather, it is based on interfering with the body’s natural state by trying to reduce a symptom they consider harmful. In this case, their goal is to lowering cholesterol “Evidence based medicine” is nothing more than an illusion, though. I called it fraud- based medicine because it has nothing to do with the well-being of patients, or should I say, consumers. To lower cholesterol you will be given something called a statin drug. This drug will kill literally one cell at a time because your cell membrane depends on cholesterol to function properly. Statin drugs cause amyloidosis. This is a condition where the brain turns into jelly. When this happens, Alzheimer’s disease can occur. It deteriorates the nerves and muscles which the drugs companies will dismiss as “muscle pain”. Just a side effect they call it, but in reality, it should be called a direct effect. There is no such thing of a side effect. If you take the pill and get a result, it is a direct effect. In this case, the direct effect is ultimately the death of the cell. Unfortunately, they would tell you not to worry if you are experiencing pain, or get Alzheimer’s. They have pills for that too.

Heart disease is the result of a lack of flow in the artery walls. For most people this is caused by an emotional issue. It is not a coincidence that when a person is over stressed (meaning an unexpected event has occurred) that they are more prone to suffer a heart attack. Your body tenses up and results in a muscle spasm because the body is desperately trying to get more blood flow. We call it a heart attack. Emotions are a big cause of heart attacks because structure meets function. If the structure becomes close tight, then there function is limited. If you don’t think that emotions play a role in creating your structure then look yourself in the mirror and make a face that shows stress, fear, anger and sadness. Now tell me what you see. Imagine you having that emotion physically affecting your structure most of every day, year after year.

As a bodyworker, I hear it all the time from people. They say that they carry all their stress in their upper shoulders. If you ask why, they will usually tell you a story about how stressed they are. What they don’t know is that their stress is affecting their whole structure. When I touch these people I don’t just feel the stress restrictions on their shoulders, but also in their neck, skull, jaw, and many times the lower back and sacrum. This leaves the body tight and stiff, which dramatically restricts its flow. It’s like a kink in a water hose. Nothing flows until the kink is opened and water comes out resulting in proper function again. Now the question is, can the person move on from their emotional problems? If not, then the structure goes right back where it was after the treatments. I have seen this time after time.

Since I know this today I will catch myself changing my structure if I am getting upset about something. My chest area will pump up and become tight and stiff. As my chest pumps up my neck and jaw will also become tight. I might grind my teeth in anger. Once I realized what was happening, I became able to let go and allow my body to relax back to normal. When I was younger I would be so mad and angry. I would be mad for–not days but–weeks at a time. I was doing this for years. Then about six years ago I began to develop chest pain from time to time. It was so bad one day that I had to go to the emergency room because my muscles were tightening so much and going in a spasm that I didn’t know what to do. I got an X-ray and a CT scan but the doctor couldn’t find anything wrong. He doubted my situation because his machines couldn’t detect anything. Today I know why I was having those chest pains. All I had to do was to deal with my emotions, take a deep breath and just relax my structure.

Since we live in a fast-paced society where we are always on the run, many people that are stressed and worry to the point where they develop high blood pressure. This is the beginning of the so-called disease. It may not be as big as a heart attack, but because it is ongoing there becomes a lack of flow. Then the tissues can begin to weaken due to lack of oxygen and nutrients. Eventually, free radicals are going to be a factor because of the environment and poor diet decisions. A free radical is an atom that doesn’t have a negative charge. When present in the body these atoms are looking for a negative charge, or somewhere to ground. Your cells behave like a battery. They have a negative charge and a positive charge. If you were to take your negative charge from your car battery or unplug the negative post from the battery would it still work? Of course not. You can think of your cells becoming like a flicking light bulb when it loses one of its charges. It eventually dies out like a bulb. If your cells don’t have its charge, then it can’t make new cells. Your body is constantly renewing itself. If it can’t make new cells, the old cells will become weaker and weaker. Eventually, the artery walls will begin to lose their integrity.

This is where cholesterol comes into play. As I said earlier cholesterol is essential to health. You will be dead without it. In this case, it is there to repair the walls. The traditional medical practitioner says “I see cholesterol in the artery walls. We need to eliminate all this cholesterol.” They call this “bad cholesterol”, but there is no such thing as bad cholesterol. There is cholesterol, and there is cholesterol. They only call this bad because they see it in the artery walls, and they believe it is the cause of heart disease due to the blockage. If the cholesterol weren’t there then the body would bleed internally over time because it has lost its integrity. Also, know that cholesterol is an antioxidant. What do antioxidants do? They give the free radicals an electron (negative charge) which will prevent it not to stealing one from your cells. This will help prevent the creation of oxidative stress to the body.

There is a huge argument on what we should eat. The vegans swear that they have the best diet and eating cholesterol and fat is the cause of heart disease. This is simply not true. Ultimately it is the liver that determines how much cholesterol you will have. How much cholesterol does your body need? Whatever amount your body makes.

When the flow in the terrain is in harmony, then the body will get rid of whatever it needs efficiently enough for survival. People that are vegetarians and vegans still die from diseases, and that includes heart disease. What people need to see is that all diseases are the same. They are trapped inflammation. It’s that simple.

The pharmaceutical companies have a name for every type of symptom imaginable because that is how they can market their various drug products. Your symptoms may be different, but it is only because the trapped inflammation is in a different system or organ of the body. Once the trapped inflammation is released and there is flow again, your body will restore itself and your so called disease will be gone.

 “Health is easy…. people are complicated.” Dr. Harvey Bigelsen