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Cure and recovery concept and healing through rehabilitation therapy symbol as an empty tree gradually growing healthy leaves as an icon for medical care and medicine helping the human body recover from disease or injury.

This is a continuation of the ”Understanding Symptoms” information on this website.

Homotoxicology is the study of toxins and their removal from the human body. You can’t really understand disease if you don’t understand homotoxicology. It involves the progression of either health or illness. Nature has a step-by-step process to keep the life cycle going. It is never ending. We are a part of that process. Homotoxicology helps us understand where a person is in the stage of their health. A disease is a process. It always starts from the outside of the body, and then goes deeper to the cellular level. So, if disease is a process, then that means health must also be a process. Disease is not an independent state that appears out the blue. Diseases always progress from mild to chronic to terminal, and vice versa for as health improves. People begin in a state of good health. If they become ill, they can return to good health because of the symptoms being experienced. Scientific medicine doesn’t agree with this approach. They see a person with a chronic disease and stop or suppress the symptoms that are necessary to bring them back to health, which can never get them back to wellness.

There is a constant cycle happening within the terrain. That cycle goes in two different directions. One direction means health and the other means disease. You are always moving in one of those directions. For an example, conditions such as diarrhea, pimples, gas, or a fever are processes that the body must go through to maintain health. On the flip side, having fibromyalgia or arthritis means you are moving in the direction of chronic disease. As I mention in the other sections of this website, there is no right or wrong in nature. It will go in whatever direction it needs to go depending on the state of the terrain, in an effort to adapt accordingly. This is what maintains homeostasis within the body. When the healing process is not achievable, or efficient enough, then the issue goes deeper into the tissues of the body which insults the body even more.

The body sees things that don’t belong in it to be toxic. The reaction of the body is to create inflammation to trap and seal off the toxins to protect the rest of the terrain. While this is happening it is also healing the insult area. Once the body feels its job is completed, it will remove the waste through the elimination channels of the body. Then symptoms like skin issues and the common cold may be experienced. The next stage is where disease can develop if the body cannot finish its job of elimination. This is because the problem goes deeper into the tissues. This is caused by blockages in the terrain, which are often the result of the use of medication that stops the healing process. Remember, symptoms are necessary and will continue to occur until the body is satisfied. The effects of medication will only be temporary, and you are doing nothing more than allowing the waste to go deeper into the tissues by delaying the healing process. Once the medication wears off the body will return to its healing process until the job is completed. If the problem remains then more resources have to be used, which means the body will use more energy. It uses more energy from both a physical and cellular point of view. Once all resources have been tapped and drained, then chronic diseases can become cancerous. This is because the body has used all its resources, and it begins to prepare to be decomposed and then recycled. As I mentioned earlier, nature has a process to keep the life cycle going. We came from the soil (that’s why we are called human beings), and when we die we return to the soil to be recycled for nature to use again.


I have developed a homotoxicology chart that simplifies the original which was developed by Dr. Hans Heinrich Reckeweg. Click on the “Homotoxicology Chart” button above to view the chart. It has six phases. These phases are: elimination, inflammation, deposition, impregnation, degeneration, and dedifferentiation. Reading from left to right you can track the progression of the phases of diseases. When your body enters the fourth phase (impregnation) it has become weaker and the condition is chronic. At this point, the toxins or waste that don’t belong are getting closer to the cellular level. If this issue isn’t resolved, the problem will reach the cellular level, and it will cause degeneration of the cells, which is the fifth phase. This is called oxidative stress caused by free radicals (the waste that doesn’t belong). The last stage is dedifferentiation, and this is where cancer develops.

The last stage (dedifferentiation) is the hardest to deal with because the body itself has given up and lost control of the situation. The only way to go back towards health is for the person to truly want to live and let go of whatever emotional issues they have. They must change their environment and behavior in all areas of life. When these things are done then there is opportunity for the body to return to a health state.

As you can see from the chart, to reach health again you may experience unwanted symptoms. We call this a healing crisis. A healing crisis is when the body is getting rid of the waste from the tissues, and it is going through the normal process. Some may experience extreme symptoms such as migraine headaches. This is due to the body detoxifying much faster than the elimination system can handle. So it is important to know how to treat a person that is ill. The farther along they are in the disease phase, the more gentle the therapy must be. It is critical to always support the liver and kidneys in the chronic disease phase so the healing crisis won’t be so extreme. As far as homotoxicology is concerned, this is health.

 Even you are moving towards health or disease… regardless you are moving in one of those directions.