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Cosmic Stairway

I only offer energetic therapies, but there is a difference between just using energetic therapies vs. treating the body in a holistic way. A lot of the “alternative” practitioners out there still can’t get past the medical approach. Western medicine believes in the Newtonian model for their approach to medicine. They see the world as a complex mechanism. They see your body as a type of machine that is controlled by the brain, and the peripheral nervous system. They see human physiological and psychological behavior dependent upon the structural hardware of the brain and body. The heart is a mechanical pump that delivers oxygen, and nutrient-rich blood to the organ system of the body and brain. In other words, they focus on the biochemical processes in the body.

Since the traditional medical system views your body as a machine, If one part of the machine is broken then they will just replace it, or try to “control” the issue. They know a lot about every system of the body, and everything that happens in it. However, everything that they do is what I call an “isolation” type of treatment. They treat your body just as if it is a vehicle. They never care about the driver. If something was to happen to the “vehicle”, then it is because the machine is at fault (genes). They don’t consider the driver’s behavior or try to change the driver’s environment.

This is an issue, and this is why people are suffering. You may be a machine, but you are a complete machine with closely integrated components. If there is an issue with one component, it can affect all components. This is the same problem many alternative practitioners have. They may call themselves a natural healer because they offer “natural” therapies. Know that in reality they are not very different from a medical doctor. The only difference is that one is using natural medicine such has herbs and essential oils, while the other uses synthetic chemicals that are based on herbs. Natural maybe safer, but the approach is the same.

I believe in the quantum model where everything is part of a collection of energy fields that work with the physical and cellular systems of the body. Unlike the Newtonian model where everything is physical matter, and you have to understand the particles, the quantum model is quite different. It’s not about the mechanical parts or particles. It is about the energy field. If you want to know why the machine is broken, then you must understand the field because it is the field of energies that dictates health or illness. It is the field that controls biology, not the brain and nervous system. Everything on earth has vibration and energy. It is the field that determines the particle’s shape and size. Everything is made up of energy and vibration. When the vibration (frequency) is out of balance, the energy of the body is low, which creates a malfunction in the body.

All of the therapies that I offer help are intended to improve the life energy of the body. However, if I don’t find out what is causing the issue in the field, then my therapies will be no different than the medical system model. Changing your environment and behavior is going to change your condition. So do not look at my therapies as a cure. Look at them as an enhancement to your field. Only then can we work together to restore the quality of your field and your life.