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Calf leg pain, man holding sore and painful muscle, sprain or cramp. Person injured when exercising or running

Unless your idea of “sports” consists mainly of grabbing the remote and tuning the TV over to a football game, chances are you’ve experienced or seen someone experience a sports-related injury. That’s because any activity that involves aggressive physical movement will lend itself to different types of bodily injuries. There are several common types of sports injuries that find their way into hospital emergency rooms across the country.

Common Las Vegas Sports Injuries

While different areas tend to see different levels of certain types of sports-related injuries, the most common types that are seen in the Las Vegas area are:

  • Hip Flexor Strain
  • Concussion
  • Groin Pull
  • Tennis/Golf Elbow
  • Shoulder Injuries
  • Knee Injuries

Symptoms and Healing Procedures

Hip Flexor Strain – This is an injury involving the muscles that are responsible for your leg’s upward mobility. The nature of this injury involves muscular tearing or over-stretching. The most common causes of these injuries are; falls, muscle stiffness, weak muscle structure and failure to warm up prior to activity. Types of sports: hockey, soccer, football and martial arts. Symptoms: swelling/bruises where the hip and leg connect, spasms and severe pain. Treatment: Minor instances are traditionally treated with rest, pain medication with an anti-inflammatory. Serious tears may warrant surgery. Alternative treatments include physiotherapy with stretching, initial cold applications with subsequent warm applications 24 hours after the injury and massage therapy combined with aromatherapy (for relaxation).

Concussion – This is a brain injury resulting from an impact to the head. Types of sports: boxing, soccer, hockey, football, skiing, gymnastics and wrestling. Symptoms: loss of consciousness, nausea, dizziness, amnesia, headaches and disorientation. Treatment: rest for a period of two weeks to one month with acetaminophen for headaches. Alternative treatments include natural therapies which improve blood flow to the patient’s brain. These include aerobic exercise, acupuncture, and herbal medicine (Bacopa monieri, ginkgo, curcumin, green tea extract, and resveratrol). Important: Receiving more than one concussion can permanently damage the brain. Receiving a second concussion before the first on has a chance to heal can be fatal (second-impact syndrome).

Groin Pull – This type of injury involves the muscles of the inner thigh. These muscles have a configuration that resembles a fan, in order to allow them to pull your legs together. Types of sports: soccer, baseball, hockey and football. Symptoms: swelling and bruising on the inside of the patient’s thigh. Treatment: 1-2 weeks rest plus compression, ice treatments. Alternative treatments include; blood flow stimulation therapy, neoprene wraps (should meet ISO 10993 testing for biocompatibility), sports massage and herbal supplements (Glucosamine, Yucca Leaf, MSM, Capsaicin, Devil’s Claw or Chondroitin). Important: Proper stretching can prevent groin pulls.

Tennis/Golf Elbow – Elbow injuries (lateral epicondylitis, medial tendinitis) are quite common and comprise about 7% of all sports-related injuries. These types of injuries are the result of repetitive elbow motions. These motions will cause small tears within the ligaments of the elbow, which causes the painful symptoms. Types of sports: golf, tennis and other racquet sports. Symptoms: forearm weakness, pain (gradual or sudden) and difficulty with other sports that rely on your arms. Treatment: Taking a break from the sport causing the problem, pain relief medication, arm brace and various exercises. Natural treatments can include various herbs and roots such as: Cissus quadrangularis (for its regenerative properties), boswellia serrata, tumeric, bay leaves and ginger. Joint health supplements are also available, such as: MSM, glucosamine, manganese and hyaluronic acid.

Shoulder Injuries – Each year, over 7 million people in the U.S. experience some form of shoulder problem or shoulder injury. More than half of these will be for rotator cuff problems. The main causes of these types of injuries are athletics that involve repetitive/excessive overhead motions. Types of sports: weightlifting, ball pitching, tennis and swimming. Symptoms: shoulder stiffness, inability to rotate arm in all of the normal positions, shoulder pops/slides out of its socket. Lack of shoulder strength needed to perform daily activities. Treatment: Doctors will generally prescribe exercises that are designed to strengthen the appropriate muscles. Anti-inflammatory medication may also be prescribed. In severe cases, surgery will be performed. Alternative treatments can include cold/hot compresses, compression, acupuncture, massage, tumeric, ginger, lavender oil and alfalfa.

Knee Injuries – These types of injuries are among the most common sports-related injuries. In more severe cases, they have been known to end professional and amateur sports careers. There are many different types of sports injuries that include; strains, sprains, bursitis, fractures, dislocations, tears and overuse problems. Types of sports: Just about every type of sport can cause a knee injury through twisting, bending, falls or a direct blow to the knee. Symptoms: Pain, swelling, stiffness and, in serious cases, inability to walk after the injury. Treatment: Rest, ice, compression and elevation. Immobilization and physical therapy are common. Surgery is performed in more severe cases. Alternative treatments can include acupuncture, massage and herbal treatments that are designed to relieve pain and swelling.

Many different treatments are available in the Las Vegas area, when it comes to Las Vegas Sports Injury treatments. You should consult your doctor and alternative medical practitioner in order to see what treatments are right for your situation.

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