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cancer cell made in 3d software


I would like to dedicate this to everyone who has cancer or to those who have lost someone to cancer. I also want to mention my massage teacher Edward Sam. I wish he were here to read this. Unfortunately, he died from cancer. Or did he?

Just think. 100 years ago, one out of 100 people got cancer. Today one out of three people will experience cancer in their life. Many want to blame it on genetics, but that is just not the case. According to the traditional medical system, cancer is when cells grow uncontrollably for no apparent reason. They view them as mutated cells growing wildly, and they have no clue why this happens (but yet they are experts).

The gold standards for cancer treatment today are chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Surgery is probably the most successful, but you can’t do surgery for all cancers. Even though surgery may be the best, it’s still should be view as “barbarian medicine”. Chemotherapy is pure quackery. It was based on mustard gas, the same thing they used in World War 2. Chemo was originally designed to kill people. It was never meant to be a health treatment. However, in the 1940’s medical practitioners noticed that chemo killed cancer cells. They were right–chemo does kill cancer cells. However, it also kills all the cells including your healthy cells, which kills you much faster the cancer itself. Chemo is so toxic that the people who produce it have to wear hazardous material suits. The bottle contains a warning that says it may cause cancer. To top it off, there is only a 2% success rate when using chemotherapy (based on data from a study in 2004). Even Oncologists who were surveyed said they wouldn’t use chemotherapy or recommend it for their own family. This is a fact people; this is the reality. Then there is radiation. Everyone should know that radiation kills people, but somehow some way it is used as a health treatment. Radiation also kills cancer cells, but it also will dry out your tissues leaving permanent damage to the body. This is because it burns the tissue creating scar tissue.

Where have we lost the ability to think for ourselves? Do we really need someone to tell us to stay away from these treatments? Those who have seen what it has done to their loved ones know first-hand. Traditional medical practitioners will even convince women to cut off their breast to prevent cancer. If this isn’t quackery, then I don’t know what is. When a person has cancer, it means that the body is weak. Why put the body under more stress? Any treatment for any issue should be designed to strengthen the body, not weaken it. To have studies to show that your treatment kills cancer cells means nothing if the patient isn’t getting stronger. Those who have lost a loved one from cancer know this to be true. They go in with cancer, and decline rapidly when treatments begin. What does the oncologist do? Blame it on the cancer.

So what is cancer? Is it a bunch of cells going wild because there is something wrong with the genes of the body. The answer is NO. Cancer cells are not our cells. Cancer cells are fungal cells ready to decompose you. This makes cancer a mold. These cells are there to do exactly what nature called them to do. To decompose and recycle the dead organic tissue. When the body becomes so weak and has used up all its resources to try to maintain homeostasis, then it will decide to be decomposed and recycle for the earth to reuse again.

Everything on earth that is made up of organic matter must rot eventually. This is how nature keeps the environment clean. If this never happened then just imagine all thebuild up of leaves that fall on the ground, or all the dead animals. We would be covered by–or walking on top of–all the dead things that once lived. We are no different. We are organic beings. If we cut out the cancer from our body, will that fix the issue? Would cutting a piece of mold out of a rotting fruit on your counter stop the fruit from molding the next day? No. This is why cancer comes back after surgery to remove it. Until you change the terrain of the body, that cancer will reappear again. As a reminder from homotoxicology, your body is either moving toward health or toward death. You are always moving in one of those directions. Cutting out your cancer doesn’t help you to move toward health.

Fungal cells are a part of us. They live with us. We need them to help maintain balance. They are like germs. They are only a product of its environment. We know today that when we eat pork, we immediately increase the so-called cancer cells in our bodies. What the scientific community doesn’t realize is that it’s really fungal cells that are increasing, and they are there to get rid of the poison food. This is the same as eating a steak cooked well done. When consumed, the fungal cells are there to eat the dead tissue. How much work the fungal cells have depends on the condition of the terrain. They are never going to be a problem unless the body gives up or loses ground.

Ultimately, cancer is created because the blood pH becomes too alkaline and the cells become too acidic. When the blood becomes too alkaline, and there’s not enough oxygen, the cells will begin to die. This is where people get the idea that cancer cells are anaerobic. They understand that there are cancer cells in the area surviving without much oxygen. They don’t understand that a mold is forming. Until there is a supply of oxygen and raw material for the body to rejuvenate itself in the affected area, that mold will continue to grow. For many this is difficult because the oxygen supply has been cut off is because of blockages in the body. You can put more oxygen and nutrients in the body, but until those blockages are open again, your efforts may not matter.

Cancer/Fungus Chart

What I want you to see is that every characteristic of “cancer” cells is the same as fungal cells. Cancer cells are anaerobic, and so are fungal cells. A human cell cannot live without oxygen for an extended period. Cancer cells do very well. They adapt when the oxygen levels are low. Ours, however, will never have that ability. Cancer cells have a protein cell wall around it, and so do fungal cells. No mammal has cell walls. Cancer cells have more than one nucleus. We know this because they have the ability to replicate very fast (cells going wild as they say). Fungal cells themselves do the same thing. Fungal cells put out an enzyme to absorb their food. They turn sugar into alcohol for their fuel. This is exactly what cancer cells do.

Don’t be a victim of the pink ribbon. Don’t be fool by the reported cancer success rates. Those rates are based on surviving for five years. If you die from cancer the day after that time period, you are still considered to be a cancer survivor. Don’t be fool by believing that you are contributing to a great cause by donating money to “new” cancer treatments. They have raised and spent many millions of dollars, but and nothing has changed other than an increase in the number of cases of cancer.

They will never cure cancer until they understand life and nature itself.