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 Many people mistakenly believe that a weakened immune system causes one to become sick. However, a strong immune will always create some form of symptom response, which may be mistaken for a sign of a weak immune system. Living in today’s toxic and polluted world means we are bound to experience symptoms from time to time. Getting what we call “sick” is a natural and necessary way for the body to cleanse itself. When you buy an over- the- counter medication you are not strengthening your immune system. You are shutting it down temporarily, which allows you to feel some relief. It is important to understand that no over-the-counter or prescription medication will strengthen your immune system.


 Inflammation is the primary symptom of any illness/injury. It is the body’s way of dealing with injuries and areas that need help to eliminate waste. It is the marker that lets us know that something is wrong and that the immune system is at work. By suppressing this process, we are weakening the body, and we are leaving unfinished business for it to deal with later on. If you take anti-inflammatories, your symptoms may actually become worse than before. This is the unfinished business that you left behind due to inadvertently stopping the healing process. The body will always win when it comes to attempting to heal itself. The body has no consciousness. It does not care how you feel. The process must take place until the healing is finished.

 When the body isn’t satisfied with its condition, chronic inflammation will take place if the healing has not been completed. It will continue this process until it feels the job is done. Usually, when the body is in this state, it means that it cannot heal on its own and it needs something to intervene. I describe this as the body being in a “constant healing stage.” If this is happening, something is blocking the body’s ability to heal itself, such as emotional patterns, or injuries that never healed properly that left scar tissue. Some people may take anti-inflammatories to deal with the chronic pain, but all this is doing is destroying the enzymes and proteins in the body which delay healing. This actually makes the condition worse.

 All autoimmune disease sufferers deal with chronic inflammation. Your medical doctor will probably declare that the body is attacking itself and that the inflammation is out of control. There is no such thing as out of control inflammation. Remember the body has no consciousness. It will attempt to heal until it is satisfied. It will even run out of gas–so to speak–trying to bring balance to itself. Doctors say the body is attacking itself because when inflammation is presented long enough, the tissues will begin to deteriorate due to the lack of flow. This flow is needed to carry the life energy and essential fluids. Without adequate flow, the inflammation is “stuck”. Instead of eliminating the waste, the body will begin to dump the waste back into the tissues. Note that it is not the inflammation that is the issue when that happens. It is the lack of flow that leaves the tissue in the area to die because it is being suffocated. If the body was able to complete the healing, then chronic inflammation will never take place.

 Without inflammation, we would be dead. It is how our body to deals with issues. You are just fighting the body when you try to stop this healing process. This is why autoimmune diseases keep coming back

with conventional medicine. Until you open the structure and the field of the body restoring flow, the so called autoimmune disease will not go away.


 Every year lots of people get the flu around the fall season, and so that time year has been named “flu season.” The pharmaceutical companies promote flu vaccines every fall. Some states even demand vaccinations to children and some adults. The idea of getting a vaccine to stop the body from being sick sounds great! The truth is that vaccine shots do not stop people from getting sick at all. In fact, all they do is insult the body! The belief that germs cause diseases has resulted in big business for the pharmaceutical companies. Their idea is to put a germ (and some extra poison that doesn’t belong) in the body so that the immune system can be stronger for flu season. That sounds nice, but if you were to ask people who get vaccinated, many will tell you how terrible they feel afterward. This is because the body is adapting and responding to the insult. Also, many vaccine recipients still get sick during that time of the year, and maybe once or twice later in the year. Parents will tell you that their children still got ill. Why? Because vaccines don’t work. The philosophy behind the vaccine shots is just wrong. They are based on the belief that germs are causing this sickness, but the germ is not the enemy. The germ is there to work in harmony with you, not to harm you. (Read the GERM THEORY section for more information about this.)

 The flu is caused by changing weather. If your sinuses are clear, you don’t get sick. If they are blocked, you do. Mucous membranes change during the transition from summer to fall. If we go from dry to humid then the membranes will swell up, and if they are blocked you get a runny nose. Having the flu is just another natural response by the immune system. Your body is not sick. It is in an elimination mode detoxifying itself to return to homeostasis. Stopping these symptoms by taking cough medication and fever reducers prevents the body from eliminating waste. Taking vaccine shots only puts more stress on the body due to the added poisons in the vaccines.

 When you experience a fever, understand that the body is doing this. It raises its temperature to prepare for a cleanse. When you cough up mucus it is because the mucous membrane is doing its job. It produces the mucus to trap the waste that doesn’t belong. The mucus builds up in the respiratory system and is eliminated when you cough it out. Your body may even make you vomit or have diarrhea to help with the elimination process. This is your body’s wisdom; this is nature. When this process occurs you may become weak and low in energy. This elimination process requires a great deal of energy. You may also sleep more because the body naturally knows that it heals more efficiently during sleep. How do you avoid getting the flu? Stop insulting the terrain!

 We understand that drug withdrawals result when a person does not get their dose of whatever the person is addicted to. Why does this happen? When an abuser takes their preferred substance regularly, the body is weakened and is unable to respond. It would be like kicking someone who is already on the ground and not letting them get back up. When the person gets off their fix, the body has a chance to respond to its condition which makes the symptoms unbearable for the person to deal with. When they take their fix again they are just kicking the body down again. The symptoms are extreme for these people because they have taken the body so far away from a healthy state that the body cannot tolerate the detoxification process.

 Think about this. Having the flu is like having a drug withdrawal. Obviously having the flu is not nearly as bad as having drug withdrawals, but in each case you can see that the body is responding to an

unwanted outside influence, and it is not pleased with its condition. To take medication for the flu is similar to giving your body a “fix” like an abuser does. It’s just going to weaken your body while making it seem like you are getting better.

 Your body is far more intelligent than your medical doctor who believes the role of medicine is to suppress symptoms. Their whole philosophy is that the symptom is the problem. However, you have just learned that when you have symptoms it is a sign that the immune system is working. It’s no surprise that, with the traditional approaches over the last 100 years, not one chronic disease has been cured.

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